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Prof. LI, Lianjiang B 

BA and MA (Nankai); MA and PhD (Ohio State U.) 

Email: [email protected]

Research and Teaching Interests:

Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics, Quantitative Methods of Political Analysis, Comparative Political Philosophy, Social Movements.

Recent Publications:


2006. Rightful Resistance in Rural China (with Kevin OBrien) (New York: Cambridge University Press)

Journal Articles

2013. "The Magnitude and Resilience of Trust in the Center: Edvidence from Interviews with Petitioners in Beijing and a Local Survey in Rural China," Modern China, Vol.39, No.1 (January), pp.3-36.

2012. "Petitioning Beijing: The High Tide of 2003-2006" (with Mingxing Liu and Kevin J. O'Brien), China Quarterly, No.210 (June 2012), pp.313-334.

2010. "Rights Consciousness and Rules Consciousness in Contemporary China." China Journal, No.64 (July), pp.47-68..

2011. "Distrust in Government Leaders, Demand for Leadership Change, and Preference for Elections in Rural China." Political Behavior, Vol. 33, No.2 (June), pp.291-311..

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1995. The Politics of Lodging Complaints in Rural China (with Kevin OBrien), The China Quarterly, No.143 (September), pp.756-83. 

1994. Chinese Political Reform and the Problem of Deputy Quality (with Kevin OBrien), China Information, Vol.VIII, No.3 (Winter), pp.20-31.

Book Chapters

2007. Direct Township Elections, in Elizabeth Perry and Merle Goldman, eds., Grassroots Political Reform in Contemporary China (Cambridge: Harvard University Press), pp.97-116 (text) and pp. 352-59 (notes). 

2002. Direct Election of Township Heads: Perspectives of Chinese Peasants, in John Wong and Yongnian Zheng, eds., Chinas Post-Jiang Leadership (Singapore and London: Singapore University Press and World Scientific), pp.231-60. 

1999. The Struggle over Village Elections (with Kevin OBrien), in Merle Goldman and Roderick MacFarquhar, eds., The Paradox of Chinas Post-Mao Reforms (Cambridge: Harvard University Press), pp.129-44 (text) and pp. 382-89 (notes). An excerpt of this paper appears in Human Rights Dialogue, Volume 9, 1997, pp.9-11, the Carnegie Council on International Affairs.

Book Review

Public Opinion and Political Change in China by Wenfang Tang, (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2005). China Review. 

Taxation without Representation in Contemporary Rural China by Thomas P. Bernstein and Xiaobo L (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003), China Quarterly, No. 177 (March 2004), pp.216-217.

Invited Contributions to Academic/non-Academic Journals

Driven to Protest: Chinas Rural Unrest, Current History, Vol.105, No.692 (September 2006), pp.250-54.

Divide and Rule: Beijing Fears an Organized Citizenry, TIME Asia Magazine, Vol.167, No.10, 13 March 2006, p.23.

Corruption, Protest, and Democracy in China (translated into Spanish), Vanguardia, No.2 (July-September 2002), pp.66-70.

Comment on Gunter Schuberts Stability Through More Participation? C Local Direct Elections and Their Impact on Communist Rule in Present-day China, Asien, No.84 (July 2002), pp.56-58.

Monograph in Chinese

1994. ±x_PĻ˜Iɷ޹˾128

Non-refereed Works: Edited Book in Chinese

2001. B ʒSίxe^졷866

Review Articles in Chinese

1998. Bܾ,Ĵ~xe,ʮһo, 50151-56

Chinese Book Chapters

2003. Їrć^cdï꾎ɰ\c(_Ȼx˾), 281298

1998. BW,ΣcFdͨ꾎,ɰxec׃w_о֮_µ 325-48. 

1997. BW, ЇrdLJ⾎,Чc̫ƽۣ̫ƽoо141-70ժҪڡ, 19961211p. c6. 

1989. տ˵ָQՓ܇,FZ܌WɶĴ468-498

1987. d܌WbϺϺ

English-Chinese Translations

2004.PAgBУīMelanie F. Manion),ЇоеĆ{оĵطӱЌWSurvey Research in the Study of Contemporary China: Learning from Local Samples,AЎWW󡷣ƌW棩Vol.53, No.5 (October), pp.117-126 

1999. RgBУ˹ (Adam Przeworski),cЈ(Democracy and the Market),_ڈD޹˾288

1995. 壌 (Daniel Berman), PU(Words Like Colored Glass: The Role of the Press in Taiwans Democratization Process), _r湫˾388

1990.  (John Dunn)ˡ(Locke)_“˜I˾110

1989. ܇޾FZ܌W_W427

Award and Grants


2005. Popular Contention and Its Impact in Rural China (with Kevin OBrien) is one of two co-winners of the Sage Award for the best paper in comparative politics delivered at the 2004 Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association.

Research Grants

2006. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (CUHK2440/06).

2004. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (HKBU2120/04). 

2004-2005. The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. 

2002. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (HKBU2025/02H). 

2002. Hong Kong Baptist University, Faculty Research Grant (FRG/01-02/II-13P). 

2001. Research and Writing Grants (Grant No.: 00-66594-000), Program on Global Security and Sustainability, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

2000. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (HKBU2012/00H). 

1999. Hong Kong Baptist University, Faculty Research Grant (FRG/99-00/II-03). 

1997. The Asia Foundation, Grant No. 06-713-06-07501. 

1997. Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Earmarked Research Grant (RGC/97-98/75) (Co-investigator, Kevin J. OBrien). 

1995. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Program on Peace and International Cooperation Research and Writing Grant (Co-Principal Investigator, Kevin J. OBrien).

1994. The Henry Luce Foundation, United States-China Cooperative Research Program Award, Co-writer of proposal and co-investigator (Project director, Kevin J. OBrien at Ohio State University; co-director, Che Mingzhou at Nankai University, China).

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